School Innovation & Improvement Plan

An at-a-glance look at outcome goals for this academic school year.

School Innovation and Improvement Plan

  • 2023-24
  • Fairfax County Adult HS
  • Dr. Michelle Morgan, Principal

SIIP Area 1

Strategic Plan Goal 2: Safe Supported, Included, Empowered

Measure D: Student attendance and absenteeism rates.

Outcome: In SY2023-24, the chronic absenteeism rate will be reduced by five percentage points as compared to SY2022-23 to reach 66%.

  • Strategy 1: Strengthen school team practices to monitor attendance data and determine need for intervention and additional support.
  • Strategy 2: Increase opportunities for personalized early attendance outreach.
  • Strategy 3: Strengthening messaging to staff, students and families around attendance to school. Each stakeholder should be able to understand how daily attendance matters, not only for academic success, but because school offers an opportunity to develop social and emotional skills such as listening, paying attention, problem-solving and self-regulation, all which are needed to grow and learn.

SIIP Area 2

Strategic Plan Goal 3: Academic Growth and Excellence

Measure B: Growth and performance on state/national/international assessments in reading, math, social studies, and science.

Outcome: In SY2023-24, all EOC Assessments will obtain at least a 55% pass rate.

  • Strategy 1: CTs deliver a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all subjects to ensure all students achieve the standards required for success in end of course state assessments.
  • Strategy 2: CTs implement the CT cycle with fidelity.
  • Strategy 3: Systematize and align SOL prep and remediation practices across subjects and programs.

SIIP Area 3

Strategic Plan Goal 3: Academic Growth and Excellence

Measure A: Growth and performance in coursework.

Outcome: In SY2023-24, 55% of EL students will meet VDOE growth targets in speaking as measured in WIDA scores in this domain across all levels.

  • Strategy 1: Empower students to monitor their progress. 
  • Strategy 2: Build impactful co-teacher instruction.
  • Strategy 3: Implement school-wide literacy focus on speaking (in addition to writing and reading) to accelerate language development in conjunction with rigorous content learning (Lexia, Edmentum)