High School Equivalency (HSE)


High School Equivalency (GED)


Any student aged 18—21, who elects to enroll in HSE, and any student over age 22 who still needs more than eight credits to earn a credential.


The approved HSE is Virginia is the GED®.  The GED® consists of four subject tests including Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

How are students prepared:

The program offers academic support including Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes and GED® Prep classes. Additionally, language development classes are offered for English Language Learners. 


Daytime:  Two sessions daily—morning and afternoon; three one hour classes each session; semester program.

Evening:  One three hour session M-W and/or T-Th; GED Prep two 90 minute sessions M-W and/or T-Th; semester program. 


No tuition for General Education students aged 18 through 19.  No tuition for English Language Learners aged 18 through 21.

Day/Evening program fees = $80.00 per semester