Diploma Pathway

The diploma program is a program for students aged 18-21 (ELL and English Fluent Speakers) and aged 22 + requiring eight credits or less.  

Students enrolled in the diploma program earn a Virginia approved diploma (Adult, Standard, and Advanced Studies). Adult diploma requirements are based on a student’s ninth grade entry date. 

The diploma program offers the high school credit courses required for completion.

Detailed class offerings are listed below:

  • Daytime: M-F (five days a week); five class periods lasting 75 minutes each and a 30 minute learning seminar; semester program.
  • Evening: Two 90 minute classes nightly M-W and/or T-Th; year-long classes. 

Tuition is described below:

  • Day program tuition is $80.00 per semester.
  • Evening program tuition is $160.00 per school year.
  • General Education students aged 18—19 do not pay tuition.
  • English Language Learners (ELLs) aged 18—21 do not pay tuition.