Fairfax County Adult High School/High School Equivalency 2019/2020 Attendance Policy

Welcome to Fairfax County Adult High School (FCAHS)!  FCAHS offers two pathways for a credential, 
the HSE (ABE/GED)  pathway and the diploma  pathway.   Attendance is a critical component  
for academic success for both the HSE and the diploma pathways.  In an effort to support your 
academic success, you should strictly adhere to the following FCAHS attendance guidelines:

1.   Learners are expected to attend all class sessions, come to class on time, complete all 
assignments in a timely manner, and successfully complete the course within the school year or 3X3 
semester schedule.

2.  Learners are expected to call or e-mail the attendance phone line or email address if they are going to be absent or expect to be absent for a prolonged period. The attendance email address is [email protected] and the attendance phone number is 703-658-1212. The attendance administrator for students with last names A-H is Robert Landon. The attendance administrator for students with last name starting with I-Z is Trista Mason. Notification does not mean the absence will be excused.

Guidelines for excused absences include: learner illness or medical appointment (verified by
doctor’s note), death in the family, personal religious obligation.

3.   When a learner reaches five unexcused all-day absences for the school year or semester period, 
the learner will be contacted by the attendance administrator to create an attendance plan to help 
facilitate improved attendance. After the attendance plan is enacted, learners who continue to exhibit a pattern of poor attendance will be withdrawn.  Any learner who is absent for the equivalent of three consecutive weeks will be withdrawn from school. A re-entry conference will be required to determine appropriate pathway placement.   If the learner wishes to re-enroll at FCAHS, he or she will be charged appropriate tuition. Other types of non-attendance patterns will also be reviewed by the Attendance Administrator in order to advise students about credentialing options and goals.

4.   Learners are expected to ensure the school has accurate contact information.  It is the learner’s responsibility to make sure a current address, phone number, and e-mail are on file with the school. In order to attend FCAHS, a learner must reside within the boundaries of Fairfax County, Virginia. You may provide that information to your attendance administrator.